Spitting Fetish - Sexy mistresses spitting on their slaves

This mistress needed to scare this guy because she felt that she did not get the respect that she deserved from him. That is why she had to do what she did and she chose to cruelly dominate as well as humiliate him. The poor guy wished that he had never messed with her and she made sure that he was scared enough never to do what the mistress wanted.

Goddess Tatjana was shocked to find out that her cameraman had lost some of their footage. She was so mad because she felt that he was careless. That is why she had to punish and humiliate him so that it never had to happen again. The mistress made him open his mouth after he had knelt down and she spat into his mouth. He never messed up again after that.

Mistress Natasha had an issue with this guy and she had to dominate him for fun. She did it because she did not like what he did and why he did it. She felt that he was lazy and entitled. That had to end and she made sure it did by cruelly turning him into a spit slave. She took him to the bathroom, brushed her teeth and spat into his mouth.

Mistress Ava had an admirer who was bordering on a stalker and she had to send a message to him. She wanted him to know that she did not appreciate all he did. She was fine with a little admiration but not to the extent he was trying to push it. That is why she had to torture him and she did it with her saliva as he was turned into a spit slave.

When this mistress set out to have her spit licked, she had a simple criteria. She wanted this guy to lick it and swallow it. But this guy wanted more and he wanted to also kiss her and make out with her. That was not part of the bargain for her and so she tease him with her sexy ass and even showed him her camel toe. He agreed to lick her spit but thereafter, she left him high and dry.

This guy was a liar and someone had to stop him. Mistress Ganja took it upon herself to stop him and she did it in a way he had never expected her to do. She had to torture him and she did it without thinking twice about it. He cried as he had to lick her saliva and as the slaps rained on his face. They were hard and heavy slaps.

This mistress wanted this guy to lick her spit. She knew it was not easy for him to do so but she knew she had the sexy charm that would make him do it. So she teased him with her hot ass and with her hot body. In no time, the guy had agreed to do what she wanted. She was thus able to have the good time she wanted.

Lady Aurora wanted to tease and humiliate this girl. So she stripped her naked and admired her body tattoos. She then caressed her tits and squeezed them hard. The girl liked it but she did not say much. Lady Aurora stroked her bush before she spat on her and asked her to lick it. She had no choice but to do what the mistress asked her to do. She was both turned on and humiliated.

Mistress Dolores did not have much to do. She was bored and she had to come up with a way to have fun. The mistress felt that the best way to do so was to use her spit. She recorded herself playing with her own spit and she kept thinking of all the things she could do with it such as when she would use it to humiliate a loser.

When lady Despina and her friend lady Naomi realized that they were dealing with a pathological liar, it only made sense for them to punish the guy and humiliate him like he needed. He had to be tortured and they did this with spit as they felt that degrading him was better than using physical pain. It worked and the guy never lied again as he had never been through what they put him through.

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